Pre-employment Psychological Evaluations and:
  • Fitness for Duty Evaluations
  • Debriefing and Critical Incidents Involving Shootings & Deaths
  • Consultation and Training
  • Counseling Services for Law Enforcement Officers

Foundation Psychological Services, P.A., currently provides pre-employment psychological evaluations and other services to many law enforcement agencies in Western North Carolina including police departments, sheriff's offices, airport police and ABC enforcement.

We have a comprehensive procedure for serving these agencies which includes free pre and post consultation. In other words, we do not simply test an applicant and send a report. We endeavor to establish a relationship of communication and collaboration. Often times, for example, we see officers post critical incident (involving shootings or deaths of fellow officers) and have previous records where we have seen the officers for their pre-employment evaluations. This gives us more information to use in evaluating their ability to return to work.